indianapolis About Security Guard Licensing in Indianapolis Indiana

Indianapolis Security Guards Licensing

All security guard agencies in Indianapolis MUST BE LICENSED with the State of Indiana.

Security Guards in Indianapolis are regulated by the State of Indiana Publice Licensing Agency.   The state PLA makes sure that an experienced and responsible individual is in charge of the company and that the company maintains a minimum liability insurance policy.    Indianapolis Security Guards individually are not licensed but MUST work for a licensed security guard agency.

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On-site security is at your location, during set hours.  You might want to have access control during the day, overnight security when the building is empty, or three shifts of security guards for round the clock coverage.

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Patrol Security

Patrol security visits your site at random or set intervals.  You share a security guard with another site.  OR if your site is big enough, the patrol is for your property only, as opposed to a guard who only monitors the access points of the building from the inside.

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K9 Security Team

K9 teams consist of a handler officer and the trained K9.  Our teams are certified in firearms detection, protection, and tracking.  We can also arrange an imported and trained K9 for your specific need. Please reach out to discuss these options.

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Event Security

Putting on a prom, concert, car show or other public event requires you to take steps to ensure your visitors safety.  Our event staff appears more casual than uniformed officers, but still offers the trained concentration on keeping you and yours safe. 

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